Bitcoin Cash for FREE !

Anyone with a computer can Create FREE Bitcoin Cash digital money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Computta. It’s FREE. It’s Endless. No computer skills required. It works automatically. There are NO Restrictions. Computta is a simple mining operation that works in the background. When your computer is on, you are mining. When you are mining, you are earning. Computta knows when you need CPU for your tasks at hand. It won’t slow your computer down at all. The more you need your computer CPU the less Computta uses. When you use less of your computers CPU, Computta will speed up its operations.

bitcoin cash

Receive 1m btc for just signing up!  1m btc = 1 thousandth of a bitcoin. Anything you earn in Bitcoin Cash is stored in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most well known and dependable cryptocurrency on the web. Exchange rates are also shown in USD. There is no need to understand how cryptocurrency works. All you need to do is set up your Bitcoin Wallet ID and Bitcoin Address. The Bitcoin Cash is automatically deposited into your Bitcoin address.

bitcoin cash

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This is how it works:

Computta works with your PC or on any Android device


Become an Affiliate & Make REAL BITCOIN CASH

Register here. After you have registered and have your referral account link, download and run the SMART MINER software. This is Very Safe. Your Firewall or Anti Virus may block as Malware. You may need to create an exception or run as administrator. After running the software start the BENCHMARK PROCESS. It will take several minutes because it is analyzing your computers performance and projected earnings. See Start Earning and Click on it. Under your account Computta supports up to 5 of Your Own computers/devices.This is VERY IMPORTANT!. Don’t forget to add your Bitcoin payment method. It is right there at the end. If you don’t have a Bitcoin address it is very easy to get one. Add your Bitcoin address to your profile. DONE!

After registering on Computta, copy and paste your referral link found in your profile to all of your social media pages. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Sign up for the ones you don’t already have. Explain the benefits of this fantastic program. Promote YOUR REFERRAL LINK. You earn BITCOIN CASH when your friends sign up under your Computta link. PLUS you earn a commission when your friends get their friends to sign up and your friends friends all the way to 5 tiers.